You started your practice because of your passion to provide professional care for those in need. But as your business has grown, you’ve likely become more cognizant of managing your finances and finding ways to monitor your cash flow.

This can often bring up more questions than answers. Commerce Bank believes we can help simplify the business side of things through a simple Business Plus Credit Card program designed specifically for practice owners.

A few advantages for AAOS members include:

  • Every purchase made with your AAOS Member Advantage Visa pays you back. At the end of each statement period, a 1% rebate will be automatically applied to your account.1
  • Separation of your work and personal financial accounts.
  • An alternative to keeping petty cash around the office.
  • The Visa® Liability Waiver Program2 provides safeguards and protection.
  • Eliminates the need for staff reimbursement by adding as many cards as you need at no cost.
  • The ability to set individual credit limits per employee. 
  • No annual fee.

Whatever your purchasing needs are, the AAOS Member Advantage Visa can help you manage your money more efficiently by freeing up cash flow and providing more transparency into your accounts so you can pivot when necessary.


Ready to Apply? Get Started Here. 

Please click the button to complete the AAOS Member Advantage Visa if you are signing for all 3 signing roles as defined below.

If your Practice has over $5 million in annual revenue and/or you need more than one individual signing for the roles as defined below, please send an email to and one of our Business Card representatives will reach out to you to send you the correct application. Please provide responses to the questions below in your email, so we can provide the pertinent application to you.


1. What is your Practice’s annual revenue?

2. Will you have more than one individual signing for the roles as defined below? Yes or No


Signing Role Definitions

The Account Agreement Signer (Signer 1) will be signing in the below capacities on behalf of the Business applying for the account:

Account Agreement Signer (Signer 1) - This Signer must be an officer of the business and be authorized to incur debt on behalf of the Business.

Authorizing Officer/Secretary - This Signer must be a duly elected and qualified Secretary or Authorizing Officer of the Business, who is authorized to sign a resolution (the Certificate of Authority, or “COA”) which authorizes the Account Agreement Signer to sign on behalf of the Business applying for the account.

Personal Guarantor - The Personal Guarantor should be an owner of the Business applying for the account and willing to sign as a Personal Guarantor. Preferably, the Personal Guarantor would be a majority owner of the Business. The Personal Guarantor and the Business will be jointly responsible for the debts incurred on the account.


*This offer valid only for AAOS Members.

1.    Your rebate is a statement credit to your billing account. The statement credit will reduce your balance but you are still required to make the payment due on the account for each statement cycle.
2.    The Visa® Liability Waiver Program protects you against eligible losses that might be incurred through card misuse by a terminated employee. The program waives certain eligible charges in the event that one of your employees misuses Visa® Business Card privileges. Customer must notify Commerce Bank promptly of any unauthorized use. Certain exclusions apply.