If you’re still invoicing and processing payments manually, you’re missing out on efficiencies that have the power to transform your business.

"Billing and collecting payments used to take up a sizeable portion of my day. And while this is a very necessary part of my responsibilities, I'd rather be focused on helping my clients achieve their financial goals,"

Mike Feller, Owner, Feller Financial Services, Inc. 

With CashFlow Complete, you will: 

        Get paid up to 2x faster*
        Increase visibility into your cash flow
        Protect sensitive account information
        Ensure accuracy of accounting records


Digitize how you get paid.


Ready to get started? Log in to Online Banking, navigate to the “Bills & Invoices” section and select “Enroll in CashFlow Complete” to start your risk free 30-day trial today.

You can also visit our website for more information. Still not sure? Fill out the form to connect with a cash flow specialist. 


*Data based on November 2019 survey of current Bill.com users. Bill.com is not affiliated with Commerce Bank.