If you’re still paying invoices by paper check, you’re missing out on efficiencies that have the power to transform your business.

With CashFlow Complete, you will:

  • Spend 50% less time paying bills*
  • Get paid up to 2x faster*
  • Increase visibility into your cash flow
  • Protect sensitive account information
  • Ensure accuracy of accounting records

Digitize your bill pay.


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“The time savings outweighs all of the other benefits for us. I was spending a whole day doing payables before, but now it only takes me maybe an hour. We are also spending less money on supplies, postage and envelopes.”

Christina Bushong
Vice President of Financial and Human Resources Operations
Freudenthal Home Health


*Data based on November 2019 survey of current Bill.com users. Bill.com is not affiliated with Commerce Bank.