9 Financial Trends Set to Impact Healthcare Providers in 2020

This year is sure to bring many challenges and opportunities for healthcare providers. While no one knows exactly what the future holds, we do have a reasonable understanding about which trends will influence and help shape the industry in 2020.

The 2020 Healthcare Financial Trends eBook, by CommerceHealthcare®, identifies and expounds on 9 themes critical for healthcare leaders in the coming year. While many of these trends have garnered attention over recent years, changes in the industry are shifting the focus and how providers are responding.

The 9 themes highlighted in the 2020 eBook include:

  • Payment and Financial Pressure Continues

  • Increasing Political Debate and Influence

  • Patient Financing Pressures Mounting

  • New Revenue Cycle Management Strategies

  • Digital Payment Innovation

  • Technology Streamlining Finance Processes

  • Security and Fraud Challenges Continue

  • Payors Responding to Shifting Market Dynamics

  • Innovation in Investment Funding

The eBook combines extensive research with market and financial insight, creating a valuable planning tool for 2020 and beyond. Complete the form to have a digital copy delivered to your inbox.